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Toothbrushing tips for children

toothbrushing tips for childern

Techniques for brushing kids teeth Baby teeth play a crucial role in aiding children with eating, speaking, and guiding the permanent adult teeth into their proper positions. Therefore, it is essential to start caring for them early on. Regular toothbrushing is key to removing bacteria and plaque that can lead to tooth decay and gum […]

Tooth decay in children

tooth decay in children can cause pain without the child knowing what is bothering them

The onset of cavities in children can occur as soon as the first tooth emerges, making it a possibility that should not be underestimated. Despite the potential, the likelihood of tooth decay in very young children is higher than one might assume. Recent data from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reveals that […]

Why isn’t my insurance paying for this?

How to maximize your dental insurance

Why isn’t my insurance paying for this? Understanding Dental Insurance Plans: Navigating Your Coverage Dental benefit plans, often informally referred to as dental insurance, play a pivotal role in making dental care more accessible. However, it’s essential to recognize that dental benefit plans function differently than traditional health insurance. In this article, we’ll delve into […]

The importance of regular dental check ups

regular dental checkups

The importance of regular dental check ups Having regular preventive dental checkups is the key to having optimal oral health. Regular dental cleanings not only help to prevent dental cavities but they also avoid the pain and costs that dental problems can bring. Taking good care of your teeth is an essential part of your […]

Baby dental safety tips

baby dental safety tips

September is Baby Safety Month As a parent you want to do all you can to keep your baby safe and it can be overwhelming when you start thinking of all the dangers your baby can encounter. September is baby safety month, so we have compiled some baby dental safety tips for your little one. […]

Are dental x-rays safe for my child?

are dental x-rays safe

Are dental x-rays safe for my child? The most common question we get from parents is: “are dental x-rays safe?” The short is answer is “Yes, dental x-rays are safe and are a vital part of your oral health”. A dentist needs x-rays in order to be able to accurately diagnose and provide treatment to […]

Pacifier Use and Thumb Sucking

pacifier use and thumb sucking

Pacifier Use, Thumb Sucking and Finger sucking What can happen with extended thumb or finger sucking? If your child sucks their thumb or fingers it can cause problems in their teeth early on. The effects become more noticeable around age 6, when their adult front teeth start erupting. If the sucking continues, it can cause […]

Should I give my child bottled or tap water?

bottled or tap water for my child

Should I give my child bottled or tap water? Benefits of drinking water Your body needs water to survive. It is an essential part of your health. It helps your whole body function and run smoothly. And fluoridated water protects teeth. Does bottled water contain enough fluoride for my child? Some bottled water products may […]

Why baby teeth are important

why baby teeth are important

Why are baby teeth important? That’s a question pediatric dentists get a lot. Another one is: Why should I fix baby teeth if they are just going to fall out? Here are some reasons why baby teeth are important. What is the purpose of a baby tooth? To hold space for the adult teeth. If […]

Airways in Children

airways in children

Airways in Children: Why Parents Should Pay Attention to Their Child’s Breathing Your Child’s Breathing Is Important You should encourage nasal breathing rather than mouth breathing, especially while you are sleeping. As well as allowing the lungs to receive more oxygen, nasal breathing also acts as a filter to prevent some small particles from entering […]