What makes Sorenson Pediatric Dentistry different from others? Choosing the best Kids Dentist in Las Vegas.

Sorenson Pediatric Dentistry offers high quality dentistry with a personalized touch to create long term relationships. Check out our online reviews. Unlike most pediatric dental offices in the Las Vegas area that are corporate, Sorenson Kids Dentist is a stand-alone private practice. This allows us to spend more time and energy on the patient experience. Here at Sorenson Pediatric Dentistry, we see the dental experiences as more than just a way to work on children’s teeth. Our goal is to help children learn lifelong skills. In addition to getting dental work completed,  children can learn communication and how to overcome personal fears. The best part is to see the satisfaction the children have after they have completed the treatment. The best kids dentist in Las Vegas is right here!

We build personal relationships in a fun & caring environment to improve dental health

Pediatric Dental Services

We use a wide range of techniques with the goal of giving your child a good experience while completing quality dental work. Dr. Levi Sorenson is a board certified pediatric dentist and we follow the clinical guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to ensure safety for your child. We want to create positive memories of the dental experience for your child.


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Preventive dental care

Sorenson Pediatric Dentistry offers a range of dental services for kids, ranging from prevention, treatment and education.  We believe in preventing cavities and the best way to do that is by creating healthy habits. It is generally recommended for children to be seen every 6 months for routine dental check-ups and cleanings, unless they have other specific needs recommended by their pediatric dentist.

Other preventive dental services include:

  • Digital x-rays. We use state of the art equipment to minimize radiation. Did you know that our x-rays have less radiation than being out in the sun?
  • Sealants are a great preventive service that preserves your child’s teeth by protecting them against cavities, it also acts as a barrier for food and bacteria. Read more about dental sealants here.

Behavior management

Our Doctors and Staff understand child psychology and are trained to connect with your child, communicate, and guide behavior towards a positive outcome. We enjoy working with special needs patients including those with autism, downs syndrome, and ADHD. We also work with children that have fear and anxiety, including those that have had negative dental experiences in the past.

What is the treatment philosophy at Sorenson Pediatric Dentistry?

We treat more than just the dental symptoms, we are here to treat the dental disease. Many children have cavities that return just a few years after treatment. We understand that treating the cause of the cavities is as important as fixing the cavities in children. We want our patients to become adults that are cavity free throughout life.

We also believe that educated parents can make the best decisions for their children’s oral health. We take the time to help parents understand options and help to guide them through the decision-making process to find what is best for their child.

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